Can you see the 3D effect?

Well it appears that 3D is the next big thing, plenty of films now coming out in 3D and more and more 3D televisions becoming available. I even went for an eye test this week and they tested me for 3D, now this was a test I did not even know existed.

Apparently, the test is there because a percentage of the population will never be able to see the 3D effect; news to me.

This got me thinking if I didn’t know that then surely I am not alone. How many people are buying tickets to the cinema to see 3D films and can’t actually get the experience or even buying the televisions? Surely this fact should be made more known, there could be people watching a brand new TV or going to the cinema who will never experience the effect as their eyes wont let them see it.

Any thoughts please let us, at Pink Residential, know?

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