Do you have any testimonials or reviews I can look at?
Yes, we have a dedicated page which you can access from the home page or you can click here

What are the differences between Pink Residential Nationwide and a high street Estate Agent ?
None, we have a high street office in Chelmsford, which covers the whole of England, we book the viewings in for your property via appointment, we negotiate offers on your property and progress your property through to completion after we have sold it. The only thing we ask is that you show the potential buyers around, but to be honest, most vendors do this anyway - Nobody knows their property better

Does Pink Residential take all our photos, floorplans and produce all the sales details?
Yes, we visit all our properties ourselves and take unlimited pictures, sizes, floorplans and marketing details needed. We do not use third parties companies as we believe when we come to your property to take all the pictures we will do a far better job and you can have input too if required. If you have pictures or a write up you would like us to use then we are more than happy to use these.

Is Pink Residential Nationwide regulated?
Yes, we are members of the property Ombudsman for estate agents, which would mean peace of mind for yourselves knowing your property is being dealt with by professionals who have been in the industry for many years working in high street offices. All of our senior members of staff have completed and passed the National Association of Estate Agents Exam

When someone wants to view my property, does that person call me direct or do they phone Pink Residential Nationwide?
All viewers would call Pink Residential Nationwide and we would take there details and arrange a viewing time with yourself. We also send you a vendor login link where you can view your viewing information and appointment date and time 24 hours a day.

What happens if someone wants to make an offer?
We would record the offer, check the purchasers selling position, confirm the chain below with other agents and then you would be contacted with the offer and the buyers ability to proceed. Which is the same as if you were with a high street Estate Agent.

If I have a board, whose number does it have on it?
All Pink Residential Nationwide boards have our contact number, website address on them, so if someone is enquiring about your property they would contact us direct

What's the catch?
There isn't one, we just charge your £474 including VAT if you are choosing option 1 and that's all you have to pay us. Of course you would need an Energy Performance Certificate EPC which you can buy online at our Instruct / Payment page or you can supply this yourself.

Am I in a sole agency agreement if I instruct Pink Residential Nationwide?
If you instruct us to sell your property and choose the £474 including vat, we do not hold you in any sole agency / selling rights contract, you can, if you wish also instruct another agent after instructing us. If you are on with another agent or looking to use another agent we would suggest the terms of the agreement are taken into consideration first to avoid being liable to pay two commissions

Would Pink Residential Nationwide accompany my viewings or do an open day?
Yes, if you live in Essex we have options where we can accompany your viewings or set up open houses where we show the viewers.

Can I do an open day if I choose the cheaper option and show them myself?
Yes you are able to do an open day and we can get the appointments booked in for you during these times - we like to take peoples details as a security measure for yourselves although are happy to do it as a turn up and see if you particularly request that

Do you check the affordability of my purchaser?
Yes, when a sale is tied up we ask for an AIP / Mortgage Certicate, confirmation of deposit or funds. Off course if someone has the funds and chooses to spend them after the sale is progressing this is out of our control.


If I put my property on to let with Pink Residential Nationwide who does the viewings?
As with residential sales the same would apply, we would book the viewings in for you, and you would show the clients around.

If I want to supply the details does Pink Residential Nationwide do a cheaper letting option?
Yes our letting fees start from £84 inc vat.

If I am happy with a tenant I have shown my property to, what happens then?
If you are happy with the tenants, we would suggest you get all the tenants over the age of 18 to pay for reference on the Instruct / Payment page, we will then email the forms direct to them to be completed. Once we have the completed reference forms we would submit them to the reference company to be completed. The completed references would be then forwarded to yourself to allow you confirm direct with the tenants if you are happy to proceed or not.

What happens with the damage deposit?
We would suggest that you go to and register an account so the deposit can be paid into this once you have received it from the tenants. The AST tenancy agreement we will email you will have the details pre printed on it relating to this scheme.